Cisco SSH access hardening

It is 2019 and plenty of network devices still rely on old crypto algorithms and functions. Therefore, I decided to write down some best practices for hardening SSH on Cisco routers / switches. I tested these setting on IOS-XE 16.x releases.  This article is meant as a write-down of picked security practices. You can find more technical deep-dive meaning of the commands by internet research. In fact, when it comes

Snmpwalk tricks

snmpwalk snmpwalk -v1 -c community … snmpget -v 2c –c community … rnetstat –ix Interface description   Status of Interfaces   System uptime   Interface IP addresses   Last change of interfaces   TCP connection state – who is connected on which port   Other options ifAdminStatus ifOperStatus ifPhysAddress  (mac address) ifSpeed ifType sysContact.0 sysName.0 sysLocation.0