IPv6 Mobility support in operating systems

As with every new standard or technology, also with MIPv6 there is a certain difference between a final RFC specification and real implementation in end devices. The implementation is often incomplete, inefficient or unstable. Therefore, after detailed analysis of MIPv6 specification we designed network topology in our lab environment for testing purposes. We built the topology using Cisco 2800 series routers and set link bandwidths to mirror real-life Internet conditions.

IPv6 Mobility overview

Introduction The term mobility is mentioned much more frequently in current business strategies and in needs of common Internet users. There has been rapid increase of mobile devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets, netbooks) on the market. Also, the movement among different physical locations has never been easier before. Therefore, the demands on modern IT infrastructures have changed completely and the companies want to use seamless services while moving in different locations. Common

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