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How to repeat the Youtube video automatically

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Many people are using Youtube just for listening to the music without watching the video. I am doing this too sometimes 🙂 Instead of using any online music streaming sites as, or, I watch the video and then keep it playing in the background while doing something else.

Me and many of Youtube users miss ‘Automatic song repeat ‘ button. Therefore, every time the video is finished, we have to click ‘Repeat again‘ button.

It’s annoying, so I found two simple solutions for this:

1. Edit video URL

Change video URL according to next example:


There are two changes:
– instead of  ‘watch?v=‘ write ‘v/‘ . Do not modify video ID at the end
– add ‘&loop=1‘ at the end of URl

2. Create repeating playlist

This can be easier for someone, because you are just clicking here.

– Add video to the new playlist (there is ‘Add to’ button under the video)
– New playlist panel will appear at the bottom of the page
– Click ‘Play‘ to play created playlist (there is only this one song)
– Click ‘Turn auto-play on’ to repeat video automatically

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